What’s this all about ?

1. So, what is all this, huh ? Are you asking yourself that question ?

It goes like this : Once upon a time, I grew tired of writing blog. I got so tired of it that I wanna give a break until I find myself the inspiration to do it again (mind you, in theory, it might not happen at all =D)

It’s such a coincidence that 360! is closing down as well. “That’s great”, I murmured to myself and say a fine round of goodbye to my good ol’ 360 blog.

Too bad writting had became my hobby, so eventhough I don’t wanna do blogging anytime soon, I still settle down in here.

2. Mm. So, lemme introduce to you this. A place where I’ll put down “notes” about me and stuffs around me.

Call it a blog if you wanna, call it whatever you like. I will put down stuffs that look nothing like those I used to post in my ol’ blog.

3. Excited yet ? I hope so.

“Welcome to the official non-official series of notes of tAnk”

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1st Post

Should I change from the 360 one to this one ? … nah, I don’t know.. This post is just for fun and checking. See ya.