Gossip Corner

Lol, this is the newest hilariously crazy invention of mine.

Friends, keep me accompanied through this. Take this as the Quick Comment feature of 360!, or as those Chatbox that you usually find in other blogs.

Man, I just don’t really like the overall seriousness of my blog. That’s why I create this. Of course I don’t have that much friends, but anyway, even if you and I are stranger, just drop a note here if you wanna, I’ll reply.

Right. ^^ Talk to me, tell me about something cool, invite me to a party (right, like it gonna happen) or even bashing me (lol), all go to here.


5 comments on “Gossip Corner

  1. tAnk says:

    Right. I could never survive without all those Quick Comments and Chatboxes =))

  2. Nathan says:

    Bro, how cha doin ? Is Singapore all good ? 🙂
    I’m stuck here in Houston. Man, it sucks.

    • tAnk says:

      Hey, wassup 😀 Man, I’m good. The place aint too great but I’m coping with it so it’s gonna be ok. ^^

      Houston ? Haha, did you meet Yao Ming there ? Lol. Things gonna be alright, man. Just 4 more months, right ? Do you best. 😀

  3. Any says:

    Haven’t had time to visit ur blog for a while :). IT may be weird but sometimes I really want to hang out with u, to listen to ur thoughts ^_^

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