About Me & This Site

This is me. This is my feelings deeply buried in my heart.

Come with me, follow the direction of my heart, and let me be your guidance into this world of mine. Don’t worry.  I’ll make sure I’m right beside you.

So, lemme explain briefly about :

1. Me

  • I am, none but a common student. 18 years old, hopeful and uninspired, trapped within my own thoughts and confusion.
  • I love music, hence the love for my Cowon S9.
  • I love Doraemon.
  • I love writting.
  • My English sucks.

2. This Site

Here you go :

1. So, what is all this, huh ? Are you asking yourself that question ?

It goes like this : Once upon a time, I grew tired of writing blog. I got so tired of it that I wanna give a break until I find myself the inspiration to do it again (mind you, in theory, it might not happen at all =D)

It’s such a coincidence that 360! is closing down as well. “That’s great”, I murmured to myself and say a fine round of goodbye to my good ol’ 360 blog.

Too bad writting had became my hobby, so eventhough I don’t wanna do blogging anytime soon, I still settle down in here.

2. Mm. So, lemme introduce to you this. A place where I’ll put down “notes” about me and stuffs around me.

Call it a blog if you wanna, call it whatever you like. I will put down stuffs that look nothing like those I used to post in my ol’ blog.

3. Excited yet ? I hope so.

“Welcome to the official non-official series of notes of tAnk”

Too bad, this time I won’t say : “Welcome to my world” anymore. This is my junk yard =D.