Feel Good Inc.

Oh yeah, feel good.

Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.

S9 - Feel Good Inc.

Guess what, I’m back. After a week full of tests and exams, I’m ready for just another week full of tests and exams. ^^”

Yes, I was busy, and I will be busy, so sorry to those who’ve been following my blog (if there’s any at all, haha) but I won’t be updating it too often. Once or twice a week is the best that I could bring out at this moment.

Yes, also went through a week of struggling with some relationship problems. It ain’t too big nor too small, just enough to keep my mind occupied time after time. Now it seems quite settled, mostly because I decided to put it aside. I’m busy enough without it troubling me. I’m tired of it.

Btw, this Feel Good Inc. song rocks. It’s dark and abnormal, makes me feel good, too. Sometimes I feel annoyed of the obnoxious laughing in the background, but, meh, they make the song different from others, and most of the time seems funny  (oh really? I must be out of my mind to name such kind of laughing “funny”).

P/s : Right, you are looking at my Cowon S9 – my pride. And don’t ever mention about iPod Touch here, coz the S9’s sound quality just simply beat the shiet out of the iTouch’s.


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