Weekend Update

Lost Prophets – 4AM forever


Woke up at 4.21 in the morning.

It has been a busy week and all, with exams and stuffs, but I’m fine with it. Again, no inspiration as days go by. It’s not even a big deal anymore, and I had decided to leave it untouched for a while. All I’m doing is pushing me to go ahead. “Aight, 100 more days and that’s it”, I often repeat to myself that phrase. I hope it won’t lose it’s magic soon.


Yeah, 4AM forever, gotta love the phrase.

It’s a song for broken-hearted people I guess. I’m not broken-hearted (not anytime soon, babe), but some phrases are so right for me. I’m technically out of friends atm. There’s only some “mates” left. It’s fun and all with them, and I enjoy them (and right, they are all guys but luckily I’m yet to become a homo).

Just that you hate it when distance and time diverse your so-called brothers (and sisters), or whatever I used to call them, away. You are left alone, understand the fate of life but still wondering why people are so alike. Sad or disappointment, you aren’t sure which word is right, thinking of how you tried to keep them accompanied when they have nobody left for them (or is it just another hallucination?) just a few months ago (alright, it’s already half a year gone by), and now, there’s you waiting for them to do something like that back for you. If I can have my neck to grow longer for the time that I wait for responses from them, I might be a good giraffe now.


Lost prophets – Rooftop

But why did I care ? I don’t know. Probably the The Shawnshank Redemption‘s “aftereffect” (again), I always fell for that ‘excellent’ partnership in the movie. There’s a new juice this time, though. It tells me, this time, that for most people (aside from that Red, or probably, Brooks of yours), if you ain’t gonna bring them any benefits, then they wouldn’t even care if you’re exist or not. True enough. When you are young, you come to people when it’s fun to be with them. When you grow a bit older, you come to people when it’s cool to be with them. And when you grow just-a-little-bit more older, you come to people when it’s beneficial to be with them. It’s not correct all the way, but it clear many things up, and that’s enough.



Aight, enough for my whining. Frankly, I’m tired of it, too. So there’s wont be anything like this anytime soon. Spending more time on your own isn’t all that bad, and I have learned how to squeeze every positive juice out of anything. Must admit that it’s epic how a different paradigm can bring you a new mindset.


So, finish up that two songs above, and Wake up., ’nuff said.

Lost Prophets – Wake Up (Make a move)


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