To make it through this life

Holly Brook – What I wouldn’t give

to make it through this life keep two things in mind, today your still alive but some day you’re gonna die, and why, the answers are hidden up in the skies, could it be for me the answers are hidden up in a rhyme? if you see clouds above they’re sending you signs of rain and if there are clouds up in your brain the pain stains your frame of mind, blind and dumb now you’re the last to know, while you were stuck in cruise control you couldn’t see the road through your window, into the future what’s the next thing? wondering who guides the twists and turns and lessons this life brings, too many songs to sing, which one fits you the most? let my soul decide why I try and music gives me hope.. it’s a strange maze we’re living in, it’s up to god where we begin and in between crossroads and dead ends we look for where we’ll end, we’re given friends that lend sense and some direction, guessing which section holds the right foot steps to step in, and together we search to find our way, day to day living life everyday it’s a new stage, a new page we’re turning of a book that’s incomplete endless blank pages are earning new conclusions in our sleep, it’s deep, how shit can happen without you really knowing, walking along this maze just to get where you’re going while growing, going with the flow you’re taking chances, this life is never really what it is at first glances, so take another look and try to get through to the place to be there’s so many ways to be but where we end up it’s destiny

to make it through this life keep two things in mind, today you’re still alive but someday you’re gonna fly

i’m flyn..

credit to MYK


I like MYK and his thoughts almost as much as how I like Tablo from Epik High. They and the people from are among those more talented people: those who are deep and thoughtful. You don’t see them come around often.

It took me awhile to actually find a song that resemble the mood of the passage from MYK. I finally came across “What I wouldn’t give” by Holly Brook. It has a slow melody and deep lyrics. Plus, Holly Brook’s voice is just downright sweet. She kept you wondering through the whole song, and then concluded it with a short but meaningful sentence. I’m sure you can feel it too: her high note makes you fly.


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